Construction Worker Injured In Jersey City, Police Say mining construction worker

Asked whether or not the figures could be confidently relied upon in light of low levels of activity seen in recent times in areas of the industry outside of mining, Dale says the data is not altogether surprising in light of the strength in resource activity and adds that outside of Western Australia, employment in states such as Victoria and New South Wales remain below their post-GFC stimulus peak. He notes, however, that employment is a lagging indicator (strong civil sector work now reflects projects for which investment decisions were made over the past couple of years) and that the latest update does not take away from the discrepancy between the strength of resource work and weakness in the building sector. There is still quite a large discrepancy between the tail end of the resources related investment and the non-resources related investment which continued to go backwards, he said. Indeed, the latest report comes as soft labour market conditions persist across much of the industry. In the residential sector, for instance, the most recent HIA Trades Report indicates that 10 out of 13 trades are currently in oversupply. Meanwhile,participants in the most recent National Survey of Building and Construction conducted by Master Builders Australia indicated that across almost all categories, skilled personnel for on-site work is becoming easier to find. The data comes amid longer term concerns about a looming shortage of skilled workers and upward pressure on labour costs toward the middle of the decade as low numbers of apprenticeships on offer during the downturn are expected to lead to a tightening of supply as the building recovery gathers further momentum.

Construction starts on the Témiscouata community wind farms

Google Maps A construction worker has been taken to the Jersey City Medical Center after an incident on 1stStreet in Jersey City, officials confirmed. The incident occurred around 11:45 this morning at a construction site at 110 1st Street in Jersey City, police spokesman Bob McHugh said. The man was taken to the Jersey City Medical Center, but information on his injuries and specific condition was not immediately available, McHugh said. Police scanner reports said that the worker was hit in the head with a board, but McHugh could not confirm that information.

Israel to Allow Construction Materials Into Gaza

About Boralex Boralex is a power producer whose core business is dedicated to the development and the operation of renewable energy power stations. Currently, the Corporation operates an asset base with an installed capacity of almost 500 MW in Canada, the Northeastern United States and France. Boralex is also committed under power development projects, both independently and with Canadian and European partners, to add approximately 550 MW of power that will be commissioned by the end of 2015. With more than 200 employees, Boralex is known for its diversified expertise and in-depth experience in four power generation types — wind, hydroelectric, thermal and solar. Boralex’s shares and convertible debentures are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols BLX and BLX.DB, respectively. More information is available at or About the Temiscouata RCM The Temiscouata regional county municipality is an organization that oversees land development, town planning, environmental protection, and regional, cultural, social and community development.

STW Resources Launches New Pipeline Maintenance & Construction Division

Israel barred the entry of construction materials into Gaza when Hamas overran the territory in 2007, fearing militants could use them to build weapons and fortifications. It has allowed them in for projects funded by international organizations like the United Nations since 2010. Private contractors have had to rely on goods smuggled through tunnels from Egypt. But shortages were reported after Egypt cracked down on those tunnels. Gaza border official Raed Fattouh said 60 trucks hauling building materials will cross into Gaza on Sunday. Still, contractors say the amount being allowed in is a fraction of Gaza’s needs.

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STW’s process ensures that the most effective and efficient technologies are implemented. Current potential project locations include the Eagle Ford Shale (TX), the west Texas Delaware and Permian Basins (TX), and eastern New Mexico. STW is also involved in the oilfield construction business providing road, pit, location, and water pond construction. It also offers evaporation covers for the elimination of evaporation on frac ponds used throughout the oilfield. Evaporation causes the operators millions of dollars in losses annually. Covering the ponds is a conservational and economic method of preserving one of our natural resources and can be floated on to existing ponds or installed during construction. It also eliminates algae growth, doubles as a bird net, and reduces erosion of pond infrastructure. High quality liners with fusion-welded seams, quality control testing including air tests of seams and destruction testing are also standard. STW Energy, a subsidiary of STW Resources Holding Corp., offers a turnkey rig washing service along with the technology to process drilling waste fluids, tank bottoms, and oil based cuttings that will completely eliminate any potential future liabilities (Cradle-to-Grave) to the operators after they dispose of them. STW services include roustabout services for several major oil and gas producers too.


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