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Vcu Awarded $4.4 Million Grant To Boost Employment For People With Physical Disabilities

Virginia Commonwealth University is getting a $4.4 million grant to study ways to help people with physical disabilities find jobs. The Richmond school received the grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Best news photos of the week A quick way to catch up on the weeks news. The five-year grant will be used to the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities. Officials say researchers will study technology, individual and environmental factors, the effects of government practices policies and programs and interventions for transition-aged youth and young adults with physical disabilities. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers show percentage of individuals with disabilities in the labor force is well below the employment-population ratio for people without a disability. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

The September Employment Report in Pictures

In most states, thats after 26 weeks and, as the chart shows, roughly four out of 10 jobless workers have now been out of work and looking for a job for 27 weeks or more. If policymakers do not reauthorize the program, EUC payments will not be available to new claimants and will end abruptly for current recipients after the last full week of December. In the recovery from the Great Recession, emergency federal UI benefits and a temporary boost in payments under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) have helped many families weather the financial hardship that comes with losing a job and having trouble finding a new one. In addition, they have been among the highest bang-for-the-buck measures in stimulating economic activity and job creation during the recovery, with both the Congressional Budget Office and Moodys Analytics rating them as among the most effective ways, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, to shore up a weak economy. The temporary increase in SNAP benefits will end on November 1, cutting benefits for all participants. Low-income working families with an unemployed breadwinner will suffer a cruel double-whammy if EUC benefits disappear in January as well. Federal emergency UI is a temporary program thats meant to expire when labor market conditions return to normal after a recession and people who lose their jobs can expect to find new ones in a reasonable period of time. Todays jobs report shows that we are not there yet. About the September Jobs Report Job growth in September was disappointing, and the drop in the unemployment rate was not matched by a rise in labor force participation or in the share of the population with a job. A robust jobs recovery remains elusive. Private and government payrolls combined rose by 148,000 jobs in September and the Bureau of Labor Statistics revised job growth in July and August upward by a total of 9,000 jobs. Private employers added just 126,000 jobs in September, while government employment rose by 22,000. Federal government employment fell by 6,000, state government employment rose by 22,000, and local government rose by 6,000. Excluding employment in education, state employment rose by 1,900 and local employment fell by 3,400. This is the 43nd straight month of private-sector job creation, with payrolls growing by 7.6 million jobs (a pace of 176,000 jobs a month) since February 2010; total nonfarm employment (private plus government jobs) has grown by 7.0 million jobs over the same period, or 162,000 a month. Total government jobs fell by 590,000 over this period, dominated by a loss of 344,000 local government jobs. Despite 43 months of private-sector job growth, there were still 1.8 million fewer jobs on nonfarm payrolls and 1.3 million fewer jobs on private payrolls in September than when the recession began in December 2007. Septembers job growth would be considered adequate in an economy that had already largely recovered from the recession, but it is well below the sustained job growth of 200,000 to 300,000 a month that would mark a robust jobs recovery. Job growth in 2013 has averaged 178,000 a month but has not topped 200,000 since February, and it has only averaged 143,000 over the past three months. The unemployment rate was 7.2 percent in September, and 11.3 million people were unemployed. The unemployment rate was 6.3 percent for whites (1.9 percentage points higher than at the start of the recession), 12.9 percent for African Americans (3.9 percentage points higher than at the start of the recession), and 9.0 percent for Hispanics or Latinos (2.7 percentage points higher than at the start of the recession). The recession drove many people out of the labor force, and lack of job opportunities in the ongoing jobs slump has kept many potential jobseekers on the sidelines. That situation changed little in September, as the labor force (people working or actively looking for work) rose by just 73,000. The unemployment rate edged down as the number of unemployed fell by 61,000 and the number of employed rose by 133,000. However, the labor force participation rate (the share of people aged 16 and over who are working or actively looking for work) was unchanged at 63.2 percent in September, 0.4 percentage points lower than at the start of the year and the lowest since 1978. The share of the population with a job, which plummeted in the recession from 62.7 percent in December 2007 to levels last seen in the mid-1980s and has remained below 60 percent since early 2009, also remained unchanged at 58.6 percent in September. The Labor Departments most comprehensive alternative unemployment rate measure which includes people who want to work but are discouraged from looking (those marginally attached to the labor force) and people working part time because they cant find full-time jobs was 13.6 percent in September. Thats down from its all-time high of 17.1 percent in late 2009 and early 2010 (in data that go back to 1994) but still 4.8 percentage points higher than at the start of the recession. By that measure, over 21 million people are unemployed or underemployed. Long-term unemployment remains a significant concern. Nearly two-fifths (36.9 percent) of the 11.3 million people who are unemployed 4.1 million people have been looking for work for 27 weeks or longer. These long-term unemployed represent 2.7 percent of the labor force. Before this recession, the previous highs for these statistics over the past six decades were 26.0 percent and 2.6 percent, respectively, in June 1983. Below are more charts that show how the new figures look in historical context. Follow Chad Stone on Twitter: FOLLOW POLITICS


Accountant Job In Cairo –

As the Occupational Health Advisor your role will be to deliver evidence based Occupational Health agree with services to a portfolio of clients. The successful candidate will act as a key account manager, and deliver an array of services from full case management, health surveillance, health screening and travel health ,willingness to undertake travel health training is essential,. Essential qualities required for this role include excellent communication skills, self motivation, ability to make clear decisions, working autonomously. You will be a Registered General Nurse with an Occupational Health qualification and ideally Part 3 Registration. Some travel may be required to and from client sites within the Surrey/West Sussex area. In return you will receive a competitive salary with additional benefits such as generous annual leave, excellent pension scheme. If you would to join this expanding organisation then please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Cross or alternatively to apply please send your up to date CV to[email removed] Recruiter:

Resolves accounting discrepancies and irregularities. Skills Proven administrative, Leadership and management ability. Ability to work at own. Ability to delivers regardless of constraints. Good communications, verbal and writing skills Job Details


Savir’s Corner: Occupation

Milton To clear up confusion and help home-based business owners, Milton Town Council is analyzing regulations for home occupations. As it stands, to offer piano lessons in one’s home, a resident would be required to apply for a special-use permit, triggering an expensive and lengthy process with the planning and zoning commission. Robin Davis, town project coordinator, suggested town council revise town code to better delineate what needs planning and zoning review. It seems to be a little more business friendly to some of these home-based businesses that don’t have an impact on a residential area, Davis said. Maybe we can spread them out. I think there’s a broad spectrum of businesses that we are lumping into home occupations. Davis used the piano lessons to outline the situation to council. Because piano lessons are classified as a home occupation, a piano teacher cannot simply apply for a business license. Instead the teacher is required to go before the planning and zoning commission, a process that would likely take a few months and cost about $800 after the individual pays an application fee, notification in the newspaper, certified letters to all neighbors within 200 feet and for the town solicitor and engineer to appear at the planning and zoning meeting. Davis said it deters prospective business owners from following through with the process. Resident Robert Palmer said he operates his engineering firm from his kitchen table. He does not believe he needs to go before planning and zoning either. It appears to me that there is some ambiguity about what would be considered a home occupation, he said. I don’t generate any traffic, noise, pollution; however, I do have a business partner and one employee. He said he generates no more traffic than a neighbor who lives with a roommate. But under current requirements, he must go through the planning and zoning process for a special permit. Through a cross reference with a list of state-issued business licenses, Davis discovered a number of residents may be operating home-based businesses without a Milton business license. Before contacting each of the more than 70 residents on the list, Davis said, he is looking for resolution to the home-occupation issue. Without amending the code, he said, he expects the planning and zoning commission to be quite busy in the coming months. Council tasked Davis with analyzing the list of home-based businesses to see if a criteria can be created to allow residents to bypass the planning and zoning process. Vice Mayor John Booros is frustrated that town is just now getting around to forcing the issue with business licenses. These businesses should’ve had a license for the last three or four years, and they didn’t, he said. This is revenue the town has lost, and this town needs revenue. There is no excuse for not having this revenue.

While sometimes necessary, this routine is hurting mostly innocent civilians, constantly in fear of soldiers entering their homes. It creates a bitterness and disillusion with political agreements, ultimately leading to more violence. If the Palestinians are anxious for their well-being in their own cities, it is their freedom of movement that is most curtailed. Machsom (checkpoint) has become a synonym for humiliation, not only in entering Israel, but also between Palestinian cities and villages. For those who want to or have to enter Israel, there is a prolonged Via Dolorosa of obtaining a permit. The word itself is denigrating as it derives from permission. Why not a visa? the Palestinians ask. Our answer to this is that all these measures are for the sake of security. This is a misleading perception. Stringent security measures must be taken to counter terror and can succeed only with Palestinian cooperation. Palestinians will not and should not gain anything from violence. Palestinian terrorists are also killing their own peoples cause. Yet there is a difference between effective measures that our various security forces are very much capable of implementing and collective punishment of a whole population. The first weakens terrorism, the latter with time encourages it. You can ask our gatekeepers, the former heads of our Shin Bet security service. Still, the main obstacle to any normal Palestinian dignified life or future is the settlements. A visit to the West Bank is a visit to an apartheid state. One hundred thirty settlements and another 100 outposts with 340,000 settlers are spread all over the area. Palestinians in the West Bank see, from their houses or in their daily travel, tens of thousands of settlement housing units and view them as an assault on their daily lives and their national aspirations. With the settlements in place, there will be no Palestinian state, leaving the Palestinians in despair. Furthermore, there is a blatant contrast in the standard of living modern Israeli settlement housing with green gardens and swimming pools in contrast with the relative poverty of Palestinian housing and infrastructure. The settlers in the apartheid country can use their own roads and buses. Water from the West Bank mountain aquifer is 87 percent used by Israelis (according to the WASH monitoring program). The West Bank is gradually becoming a binational state, with power on the Israeli side and demographics on the Palestinian one. When we conquered the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, there were 1 million Palestinians living there, today only 46 years later, there are over 3 million Palestinians. The future balance is obvious. The settlements as well as the security restrictions are a heavy burden on the Palestinian economy. According to the World Bank, half of the land of the West Bank, most of it agricultural, is inaccessible to Palestinians. Indeed a binational state. The movement of Palestinian goods and people is heavily restricted, which costs the Palestinian economy $3.4 billion a year according to this years World Bank report. The significance of the occupation for both sides is devastating. From a political, economic and security point of view, the deeper the occupation, the more impossible a two-state solution becomes. The situation in the West Bank will one day comprise the whole area from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River; an apartheid state with no democracy, no Jewish identity, isolated from the world as a pariah state. Palestinian hostility and violence will only grow with time no nation will take its lack of freedom lying down. The Palestinians as well as the Arab countries bear their fair share, if not most, of the blame for this conflict because of their rejection of Israels existence and legitimacy in and since 1948. A change of attitude toward Israel must be a condition for any agreement which is recognized by the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002.

Celebrating Christopher Columbus means celebrating occupation and oppression

It is against the law to move into flats in buildings without the mandatory municipal occupation certificate (OC), the Bombay high court has ruled. A division bench of Justice S C Dharmadhikari and Justice Gautam Patel reportedly sought action against 49 flat owners as well as a nursing home in two wings of a building with six wings in Sion East. The BMC has now informed the court it will issue notices to the 49 families, which moved into wings E and F as well as the nursing home on the first floor. The courts order could have an impact beyond this multi-storeyed Sion building it is feared. Reportedly there are estimated 6,000 buildings in Mumbai occupied without OCs. Over one lakh families staying in such buildings can get in to sleepless nights all of a sudden. Only around 100 buildings came forward for regularization in response to state governments amnesty scheme for such buildings a few years ago. The Division Bench was hearing a petition filed by the Sion Kamgar Cooperative Society that had leased the land in a central location in Sion for 999 years in the 1950s. A few years ago it went in for redevelopment. In its petition, the society claimed that while four wings were constructed as per plans, two additional wings were put up-which now house around 50 families and also has a nursing home on the first floor. The society asked the court to initiate action against the nursing home. Sai Prasad building. In 1956, State Government allotted land to the Sion Kamgar CHS for flats for its members. A decade ago the society went in for redevelopment. The builder constructed four wings as per rules, but allegedly built two more wings with 56 flats and a nursing home in violation of the law and despite stop work notices. BMC admitted in court that the two wings did not have an OC. HC reportedly took civic body to task for illegal wings at Sion Cooperative housing society. What we find is that there is complete silence maintained (in the corporations affidavit) with regard to the construction of Wings E and F and whether they are unauthorized as claimed, said the judges. The BMCs counsel admitted before the court that both E and F wings did not have any occupation certificate. The court added that the nursing home might have been unaware of the disputes between the society and the developers, but the law did not permit occupying a building without OC. Curiously, the nursing home was allowed by BMC because it had all licences and the corporation had taken an undertaking from the hospital owners that the OC would be produced whenever it is issued. WHY IS AN OC IMPORTANT? Once the building is complete, the developer has to obtain an OC, certifying that the building has complied with the approved plans. Only after the OC is issued can flat owners occupy the apartments as per law, as otherwise the building is considered illegal. BMC charges double the taxes and can initiate action against flat owners. Many builders do not bother to get OC and owners move into flats once the construction is complete. The law says that if the building has been constructed without any plans it cannot be regularized by BMC. Leave a Reply

Cairo under occupation

Fahmi Howeidi

They will have to be proceeded against by the municipal corporation,” said the judges. The BMC told the court it will issue notices to the 49 families, which moved into wings E and F as well as the nursing home on the first floor. The court’s order could have an impact beyond this multi-storeyed Sion building. There could be as many as 6,000 buildings in Mumbai without OCs. Over one lakh families stay in such buildings. A few years ago, a state government amnesty scheme for such buildings received a tepid responsewith just around 100 buildings seeking regularization. The court was hearing a petition filed by the Sion Kamgar Cooperative Society that had leased the land in a central location in Sion for 999 years in the 1950s. A few years ago it went in for redevelopment. In its petition, the society claimed that while four wings were constructed as per plans, two additional wings were put upwhich now house around 50 families and also has a nursing home on the first floor. The society asked the court to initiate action against the nursing home. The court admonished the BMC for its conduct. “What we find is that there is complete silence maintained (in the corporation’s affidavit) with regard to the construction of Wings E and F and whether they are unauthorized as claimed,” said the judges. The BMC’s counsel admitted before the court that both E and F wings did not have any occupation certificate. The court added that the nursing home might have been unaware of the disputes between the society and the developers, but the law did not permit occupying a building without OC. The BMC claimed that it had allowed the nursing home to be set up as it had all licences and the corporation had taken an undertaking from the hospital owners that the OC would be produced whenever it is issued. The HC said that this was not enough. Sai Prasad building The government in 1956 allotted land in a central location in Sion East to the Sion Kamgar Cooperative housing society to set up flats for its members. Around a decade ago the society went in for redevelopment. The builder constructed four wingsA, B, C, Das per rules. The society alleged that in violation of rules two additional wings with 56 flats and a nursing home were constructed, despite stop work and demolition notices. Families moved in and the nursing home was set up. The society’s new managing committee moved the HC seeking action against the nursing home. During the hearing, the BMC admitted the two wings did not have an OC. The high court sought action against the 49 families who had moved in to the flats and the nursing home as no OC was given to the two wings. What is an OC? To construct a building a developer needs commence certificate (CC) and Intimation of Disapproval (IOD). Once the building is complete, the builder has to obtain an Occupation Certificate, which certifies that the building has complied with the approved plans. Why is an OC important? Only once the OC is issued can flat owners occupy the apartments as per law, as otherwise the building is considered illegal.

CHS: Court rules in favour of Occupation Certificate

When he ran into a police officer, he did not hesitate to shoot at him, but the police chased him down and arrested him, in addition to seizing his gun. What really caught my attention when this occurred yesterday was the young man’s courage which bordered on recklessness. He was not worried that he was driving an unlicensed motorcycle, nor did he have any reservations about driving it into oncoming traffic. Moreover, he refused to obey the attempts to stop him, choosing instead to scare and terrorise the police officers by shooting at them. Reported on the same page in Al-Tahrir newspaper there were other stories about people acting very daringly against the state agency responsible for public law and order. There was one about a man who had a disagreement with his neighbour in the Al-Qalyoubia municipality over their children playing, and then the man made a bomb and threw it in front of his neighbour’s house to scare and punish him; no hesitation! I also read about an incident in Al-Sharqiya, when a young man, a repeat offender, cut off a police officer’s hand after the officer had tried to catch him. He also blinded 5 people when he opened fire on them because they tried to stand in his way. After he was arrested, the police found that there were 18 outstanding charges against him and 5 warrants out for his arrest. Furthermore, in Al-Gharbia municipality, a truck hit a tractor and killed the tractor driver, so the people of his village cut off the agricultural road leading to the municipality’s administrative centre. In yet another incident, someone bought a car from another person for EGP 120,000 (around 11,000), but only handed over EGP 20,000. When the time came for him to pay the balance the seller sent two men to represent him and collect the money, but the buyer captured the two individuals, with the help of his friends and they were not released until the police intervened All of these incidents, among others, took place on just one day, and I do not believe that it was an exception; such events are regular occurrences and the signs are that they will escalate as they have done since the January 25th Revolution. When the masses took to the streets and their pent-up anger at the regime was taken out on the police as an institution, it was because it had acted as the regime’s oppressive tool for at least 30 years. Once the head of the regime fell and its foundations were shaken, the police, who became invisible in public places, were targeted by angry families and many police buildings and vehicles were torched. Since them a number of variables have emerged onto the Egyptian street and are related to the community’s relationship with the police. The most important outcome of these variables is that the status of the police was greatly diminished so that their presence on the streets has become quite humble, even in Cairo; I can only imagine what it is like in the other regions, in which the absence of police officers in public is most likely twice as noticeable. Under these circumstances, the opportunists and thugs have emerged and imposed a fait accompli on the capital which has now become very difficult and expensive to remove. This new reality imposed itself on the heart of the city and its most vital roads which have now become occupied by invading armies whose origins we are unsure of. What we do know is that they have become a force on the ground that has challenged the police and municipality and which even the army’s tanks, armoured vehicles and barbed wire have been unable to move. In addition to the absence of the police forces on the street which has caused the masses to become more daring in challenging laws and regulations, there are two core elements that have contributed to the growth of this lawlessness. First, since the revolution, the security agencies have remained busy with the protests and political security and no longer care about the other manifestations of disorder and chaos. More specifically, nowadays the police neglect of their duty to preserve public order and the law in favour of focusing on the protests has become a definite matter and is not debatable. I have heard this from some of their leaders, one of whom told me that the only voice they hear is the voice of the protests, so the police are unwilling to pay attention to any unrelated matters. The second important element is that the thugs and opportunists who have occupied the streets have become the eyes of the security agencies and are being used to confront the political opposition. As such, it is natural for the state to turn a blind eye to their growth on the main streets over which they maintain control. If this analysis is correct, it means that the community will not feel safe as long as political stability is absent in Egypt because the police service believes that protecting the regime is its first priority. Until this happens, ordinary people have no choice but to manage the situation on their own and defend themselves, and incidents like those related above will become even more commonplace. This is a translation of the Arabic text which was published in Al Shorouk newspaper on 21 October, 2013

Bombay HC: Illegal to move into property without occupation certificate

However, this federal holiday celebrates a man that in todays times would be tried as a war criminal at the very least. Furthermore, most of what we learned in elementary school about Columbus is false. So what are the facts? First of all, Christopher Columbus landed on a beach in the Bahamas on Oct. 12, 1492. There he found three tribes of natives: the Lucayans, Tainos and Arawaks. Columbus found these people especially kind and charitablein fact, the Arawaks actually saved La Santa Maria and its men when it was shipwrecked. These gentle people had no weapons and lived in harmony, according to historian Howard Zinn. Of course, an enterprising capitalist like Columbus could not resist the opportunity to enslave them, steal all of their gold and seize their land in the name of Spain. Now, what was false? Most importantly, Columbus didnt discover the Americas. He landed in the middle of the Caribbean and believed he had hit India. Furthermore, he wasnt even the first European to find the New World. According to BBC History, Leif Ericson, a Viking, reached Newfoundland and formed a colony there 500 years before Columbus was born! Additionally, to say that Columbus discovered the Americasa place with many natives already living thereis akin to saying that you discovered your neighbors backyard. The real explorer who found mainland America in 1500 was an Italian man named Amerigo Vespucci. Unlike Columbus, this man wasnt a power-hungry and gold-crazed business man, but rather a navigator who explored the eastern coasts of North and South America. Finally, according to the Boston Globe, mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller lent Amerigos name to the supercontinent: America, the feminized Latin form of Amerigo. Whyis Columbus so revered, then? One word: lobbyists. Specifically, lobbyists representing the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization, that was trying to create a positive Catholic role-model for budding young American men. Their lobbying caused Congress and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to make Columbus Day a federal holiday in 1934. Heres a moment to be happy to live in Oregon, then. Oregon is one of four states (the other three being Alaska, Hawaii and South Dakota) that doesnt observe the holiday. There is a general consensus on campus that Columbus was a terrible person. I agree that he was not a particularly ethical man. However, we are judging him by todays standards. Back then, it was the prevailing opinion that non-whites were inferior and even sub-human. Furthermore, colonization and the spread of mercantilism were at the forefront of the European foreign policy. Columbus was someone who took those views to their extreme. Now, after noting historical context, it is still evident that he was a rotten person. For example, he sold 9- and 10-year-old native girls into sex slavery. Even his fellow men thought that was a bit much. I leave you all with two observations: it is key to recognize historical context and Columbus Day is a holiday that doesnt have a legitimate and moral claim to existence and to celebrate it is pathetic.


Construction Spending Rose 0.6% In August

Maoists burn road construction vehicles in Odisha

theyre gone, Lechliter said. But the judge noted that any money spent on the road could be recovered in damages later. He also pointed out that could conceivably rule in Lechliters favor in the broader lawsuit and order that the wind turbine, which began operating in 2010, be taken down, meaning there would be no problem with the road. At this stage, I cant order the state to stop construction of a road, just because, in your view, theyre doing it illegally, Glasscock told Lechliter. The judge also agreed with attorneys for the Department of Natural Resources and the university that halting projects funded with tax dollars simply because someone objects to them would lead to a nonstop flood of litigation.

Geese of the Landi GmbH poultry farm are driven to their barn on October 21, 2013 in Veckenstedt, central Germany. The company brings up around 8,000 geese per year. Roast goose is a traditional dinner in Germany at Christmas and Martinmas.     AFP PHOTO / DPA / MATTHIAS BEIN / GERMANY OUTMATTHIAS BEIN/AFP/Getty Images

About 30 armed Maoists, including women, raided the site of a contractor, undertaking road construction from Titijhola to Jugsaipatna under PMGSY, and took the staff out of the camp before setting afire two JCBs, two tractors and a motorbike last Sunday. The contractor was not present at the time of incident in the camp located in an inaccessible area, police said. The Maoists then ordered the villagers to resist road construction work on the plea that it would facilitate bauxite mining from Khandualgiri and thereby take away their right over the forest. The rebels also claimed that the labourers engaged for road construction were paid low wages. After being informed about the incident, a police team reached the spot yesterday and recovered posters purportedly left by the Maoists at Minagpadar and Jugsaipatna.

Southern California home prices fall slightly in September

More business news Total construction rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $916.1 billion, the fastest pace since April 2009. The strength in construction should help the overall economy, which has been struggling this year with the adverse effects of government tax increases and spending reductions. The August gain reflected a solid rise in housing activity, which was up 1.2 percent. The housing increase included a 1.6 percent rise in single-family construction and a 3.2 percent increase in the smaller apartment sector. Non-residential construction rose a slight 0.1 percent in August after a much stronger 3.7 percent July advance. In August, there were solid gains in office building and motel and hotel construction but the category that includes shopping centers fell.

Sector Snap: Construction data boosts homebuilders

(Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images / August 7, 2013) Also By Ricardo Lopez October 22, 2013, 8:34 a.m. Construction spending in August rose to the highest level in more than four years, growing 0.6% over July, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. Led by private residential building, construction spending rose toa seasonally adjusted annual rate of $915 billion, growing 7.1% over the previous August, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. The growth in the construction industry is no surprise given the strength of the housing recovery over the last year. Photos: California’s top livable cities Tuesday’s report showed that the bulk of spending was in private construction, which rose 0.7% in August, reaching an annual rate of $640.5 billion. Public construction, by comparison, rose 0.4% and reached an annual rate of $274.5 billion.

US construction spending increases 0.6 percent in August to highest level in more than 4 years

“While it’s certainly good news that construction–and especially house building–is finally on the rise right across the U.K., we are certainly not out of the woods yet,” said Simon Rubinsohn, RICS’s chief economist. “Critically, we’re still way behind in terms of building enough homes to meet the nation’s growing housing need and overall construction projects are at a historical low.” The increase in construction activity, a key sector of the economy, should help ensure economic growth continues to gather pace in the second half of the year. The preliminary estimate of U.K. gross domestic product is due Thursday with economists forecasting a 0.8% quarterly gain, up from a 0.7% rise in the second quarter. The RICS survey noted, however, that while the construction sector is gaining momentum a skills shortage is developing, with bricklayers in particular in short supply. Write to Ilona Billington at (END) Dow Jones Newswires 10-21-131915ET Copyright (c) 2013 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. This article appears in: Interactive Charts Default Setting Please note that once you make your selection, it will apply to all future visits to

UK Construction Sector Activity Strongest in Nine Years – Survey

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Irish Construction Expands For First Time In 6 Years

Homes Under Construction

This could work really well for someone. Matt Schroder, a spokesman for Owens Corning, said the Toledo, Ohio-based company doesnt comment on speculation when asked about the possibility of a sale or breakup. Pink Panther Owens Corning, which features the Pink Panther cartoon character to market its insulation products, emerged from bankruptcy in 2006. It has two primary businesses : a building materials unit that makes insulation and roof shingles, and a composites division that makes glass fiber used to manufacture those construction products as well as airplane parts and kayaks. The shares had climbed 3.5 percent this year through yesterday, about a fourth of the gain for the Russell 1000 Materials & Processing Index, after the company missed analysts earnings estimates in two of the last three quarters. Theyre a company with volatile businesses that have lots of ups and downs, Keith Hughes, an Atlanta-based analyst at SunTrust Banks Inc. (STI) , said in a phone interview. Theyre prone to international trends in composites and theyre prone to the weather — wind and hail and other storm damage in roofing. Cheaper Valuation The decline left Owens Corning trading yesterday at 0.88 times its $5.1 billion in revenue in the last 12 months.

Construction in Hong Kong to 2017: Market Forecast

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Reasons To Buy – This report provides you with valuable data for the construction industry in Hong Kong. – This report provides you with a breakdown of market value by type of construction activity (new construction, repair and maintenance, refurbishment and demolition). – This report enhances your knowledge of the market with key figures detailing market values using the construction output and value add methods. – This report allows you to plan future business decisions using the forecast figures given for the market. Key Topics Covered: 1 Introduction 2 Construction: Industry Analysis 3 Construction: Activity Breakdown 4 Commercial Construction: Category Analysis 5 Industrial Construction: Category Analysis 6 Infrastructure Construction: Category Analysis 7 Institutional Construction: Category Analysis 8 Residential Construction: Category Analysis 9 Appendix For more information visit CONTACT: Research and Markets, Laura Wood, Senior Manager. Fax from USA: 646-607-1907 Fax from rest of the world: +353-1-481-1716 Sector: Construction ( ) ((M2 Communications disclaims all liability for information provided within M2 PressWIRE.

Housing prices fell by a half but have now started to rise again, particularly in Dublin where they have jumped 10 percent in a year, fuelling some concerns of a new bubble and calls to build more. The pickup in construction suggests Ireland’s economy is gaining momentum after emerging from its second recession in five years in the second quarter although it is expected to deliver virtually no growth this year. The Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index rose to 55.7 from 49.7 in August, moving above the 50 line that divides expansion from contraction for the first time since May 2007. The sharp rise was driven mainly by expansion in construction of residential housing, which grew at its fastest rate since December 2005. Construction of commercial real estate also increased.


Simpson Manufacturing: Construction Recovery Builds Future Growth

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Knutson Construction Receives Recognition at the Constructech 2013 Vision Awards

(click to enlarge) Building permits provide a less volatile look at future construction material demand, including Simpson fasteners. Permits also suggest the company’s sales will continue higher. (click to enlarge) Further supporting demand for Simpson’s products, construction in hurricane prone Florida is picking up with 4,637 permits issued for single family homes in August. That’s 30.7% more permits issued in August than last year. Yet, it remains well below peak and long term permit activity dating back to the late 1980’s, suggesting plenty of room for growth. (click to enlarge) California, another important market for structurally stringent construction materials, is similarly bouncing back.

‘Construction companies need to invest in their business to grow the industry’


government data. China Investment Corp., the countrys sovereign wealth fund, took an 8.68 percent stake in Thames Water Utilities Ltd. in 2012 and also made a 450 million-pound investment in Heathrow Airport. London is vying with Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich to become a trading hub for the Chinese currency. The Bank of England became the first European central bank to establish swap facilities with China, announcing a three-year 200 billion yuan ($33 billion) currency swap line in June to promote financial stability and trade. Beijing Construction Engineering Group, which is controlled by the municipal government, provides engineering construction services, municipal public works and real-estate development, according to its website.

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“This year’s competition brought forth companies that have shown great devotion to pushing their companies forward using modern technology,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech. “That is exactly what is so great about the Vision Awards. It brings to light the companies that have implemented innovation and have obtained notable success in the industry.” “Knutson Construction Services is always looking for ways to introduce innovative technologies for improved business processes and enhanced customer services,” stated Dale Rohling, Accounting Manager, Knutson Construction Services. “We wanted to centralize our financial accounting and subcontractor payment application processes, including collection of subcontractor invoices and lien waivers, review and approval of payment applications and processing of electronic payments to the subcontractors and suppliers. We are pleased with the success that eCMS Connect for Textura–CPM has brought to our organization and are honored with the Vision Award recognition.” “Computer Guidance was pleased with the recognition as a leader in delivering construction enterprise-class software for the industry and we are equally pleased with the partnership that we have established with our long-term customer, Knutson Construction Services and strategic technology partner, Textura Corporation,” stated Mike Bihlmeier, President, Computer Guidance Corporation.

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Textura’s Construction Payment Management integration with Computer Guidance’s eCMS Connect enabled Knutson Construction’s process reengineering and improved effectiveness in invoicing, lien waiver collection, compliance and payment. “This year’s competition brought forth companies that have shown great devotion to pushing their companies forward using modern technology,” says Peggy Smedley , editorial director, Constructech. ” That is exactly what is so great about the Vision Awards. It brings to light the companies that have implemented innovation and have obtained notable success in the industry.” “Knutson is always looking for ways to introduce innovative technologies for improved business processes and enhanced customer services,” stated Dale Rohling , Accounting Manager, Knutson Construction Services. ” We wanted to centralize our financial accounting and subcontractor payment application processes, including collection of subcontractor invoices and lien waivers, review and approval of payment applications and processing of electronic payments to the subcontractors and suppliers.

Knutson Construction Receives Constructech 2013 Gold Vision Award

We thank God that 20 years down the line, all the things we thought we were not going to be able to achieve, we are beginning to achieve now. We are not there yet, but we are beginning to see the time when these things are coming to pass. Now, we do tenders with multi-national corporations and beat them, and when we do the job, we do it better than they. This makes us happy that we are able to compete with them head to head. The companys defining moments We have had three defining moments in the life of this company. The first was our Guarantee Trust Bank job which was our first job valued at $2,000. Our second defining moment was our MTN Enugu job which we did in 2004.