Hagel Visit To South Korea Focuses Attention On Large U.s. Military Presence, Construction

Commerce Dept Likely To Cancel Release Of U.S. Construction Data

“The third quarter of 2013 ended with output growth riding high amid greater spending on infrastructure projects and resurgent house building activity,” he said. Optimism was also up, with 51 percent expecting output would rise over the next 12 months and only 9 percent of respondents predicting a fall, the highest level of confidence since August 2010. Employers created jobs for the fourth straight month. “Having been in the doldrums for so long, builders are using this renewal as a platform to invest, with employment seeing the http://www.ihireconstruction.com most dramatic upturn in close to six years,” said David Noble, chief executive at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply. PMI data on Tuesday showed Britain’s manufacturing activity grew at a slower rate than expected internet in September, but also showed that employment picking up. The Bank of England is keeping a close eye on the UK labour market, having said that it would not consider raising record-low interest rates until the jobless rate falls to 7 percent. On Friday, mortgage lender Nationwide said British house prices rose for the fifth straight month in September and hit record highs in London.

Straits Construction Receives Grant from Ministry of National Development

Straits will receive government funding for the project to compensate for implementing CMiC software. This is the first of its kind for a CMiC product and a milestone in the East Asian market. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive and to some degree, commoditized, CMiC has developed new thinking and solutions, highlighting how businesses can move from ‘legacy to leading edge’ in a cost-effective manner enabling them to enhance the customer experience across multiple channels. “For CMiC http://www.ihireconstruction.com this is great news. This further proves that integrating a company’s project oriented processes into one ERP solution pays dividends in productivity gains for a construction company like Straits, in one of our emerging markets,” says Gord Rawlins, President at CMiC. The Singapore Government is considering giving more incentives to progressive contractors who are prepared to upgrade their processes.

governments have been reluctant to release detailed figures, but a report released in April by the Senate Armed Services Committee found that the Pentagons share of the costs may come to $3.2 billion. The expenses are a tall order for both governments, but they pose a particular challenge for the Pentagon, which is grappling with $1 trillion in forced budget cuts over the next decade. Despite those fiscal pressures, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said several times during a visit to South Korea this week that the United States is not considering any reduction in the number of its forces in the country. He cited the security threat posed by North Korea, which conducted a nuclear test in February and is developing long-range ballistic missiles thought to be capable of reaching the western United States. Our focus on our interests and on our commitments to our allies will remain the same, Hagel told reporters here Wednesday.

A Pataxo Indian takes part in the first day of  the National Indigenous Mobilization protest in Brasilia, Brazil, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013. The protest is against a proposed constitutional amendment known as PEC 215, which amends the rules for demarcation of indigenous lands. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)

ET Tuesday in the event of a shutdown. A call and email to the agencys press office Tuesday morning went unanswered. The agency, in planning documents, previously said that all data releases would be canceled during a shutdown. In addition to construction spending, that could include the monthly report on factory orders, scheduled for release later this week. The construction spending report isnt as closely watched as other data reports that the government puts out, mainly because the data it contains is more than a month old. But while it lacks the power of other data reports to move markets, it factors heavily into economists calculations of the nations growth in gross domestic product.


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