Construction Company Ceo, Son In Jet That Hit Hangar

Construction union head eyes PLA for Northwestern Mutual project

A plume of smoke rising above the airport could be seen in the twilight sky over the neighborhoods surrounding the airport in the hours after the crash. After hearing a loud boom, several neighbors ran toward the airport and saw the fire. “It was very, very terrifying, it was sad to see just so much smoke, and the building collapse and the loud boom, you just put it all together and it’s scary,” witness Alyssa Lang told KABC-TV. Witness Charles Thomson told the TV station the plane appeared to make a “perfectly normal landing” before veering off course. The jet, a Cessna 525A manufactured in 2003, was registered to a Malibu, Calif., address and its corporate owner, Creative Real Estate Exchange, is based in Birmingham, Ala., and Atlanta, according to FAA public records. The plane had no record of accidents or incidents, the FAA said. According to the website, the plane made 12 flights in September, mostly within Idaho and between Idaho and Southern California.

One man, identified as Gerard Cyr, refused to step down. According to Pereira, it wasn’t long before Dupuis issued an order for him to be physically beaten into submission. But because Cyr was a longtime union man and 60 years old, no one would carry out those orders, Pereira testified. The construction commission, meanwhile, was allegedly being filled with the wives, daughters, sons and friends of union bosses. What bothered him, Pereira said, was that the wife of the average construction worker wouldn’t stand a chance if she applied for a job at the CCQ, which is supposed to serve as a watchdog for the construction industry, but a waitress at a local restaurant with no experience was offered a position there simply because Dupuis liked her. During his tenure with FTQ-Construction from 2005 to 2008, Pereira said he became increasingly frustrated by the lack of support he received in trying to get more work for the members of his local chapter.

Construction union boss gave allies jobs, inquiry told

4 issue. The development is expected to create 1,000 construction jobs, and Northwestern Mutual has committed to hiring local builders and workers for a significant portion of the work. Balistreri said that, once contractors are selected to lead the coming phases of the project, he wants to negotiate a PLA for the job. The PLA would not require union-only workers or contractors, he said, but would set a union wage. Balistreri said heas had preliminary talks with Northwestern Mutual, but nothing formal regarding a PLA.


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