Stable Construction: Why Managers Expect Medium-term Higher Rates

So construction activity, on top of ship orders, gives investors further insight into managers expectation of future supply and demand differences as well as when and by how much supply will grow in the future. The current status of vessels under construction Construction orders for Panamax vessels remain elevated compared to Supramax and Capesize vessels. This also suggests Panamax vessels should see one of the largest number of new ship deliveries over the short to medium term. We also saw a jump in construction activity for Supramax vessels in April, which explains why Supramax orders fell around the same time. So even though the number of ships on order alone would have shown that all is not well for Supramax vessels, Aprils jump may point to optimism among companies focused more on minor bulks, or intense competition due to smaller capital requirements. While construction activity for Capesize vessels remains most optimistic, the recent decline shows that new ship deliveries will continue to fall over the short to medium term.

Construction In The Middle East Is Booming Again

In 2012, US$16bn of construction contracts were awarded in the UAE, exceeding Saudi Arabia for the first time since 2008. The largest new scheme is Mohammed bin Rashid City, announced in November 2012 by the eponymous emir of Dubai as a mixed-use nabholz construction company development featuring the world’s largest mall, a Universal Studios theme park and over 100 hotels. There is already the risk of fresh overreach in the new boom. For example, a few weeks ago a US$1bn island resort off Ras alKhaimah, themed around Real Madrid football club and announced in March 2012, was scrapped amid financial problems. Late to the party The combined construction sectors in Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain are smaller than the one in Qatar.

Construction congests intersection on Deerfield Road for sewer maintenance

A student navigates the construction cones, gravel, and construction vehicles that litter East Deerfield Road on his bike Tuesday near the Deerfield Apartment Complex entrance. (Taylor Ballek/Photo Editor)

The construction would cost about $1.8 million and it would begin in about a year, Smith said.It would stretch all the way to Crawford Road. The construction along the one-block road has affected students who are coming in and out of the exits for their respective apartment complexes. Rockford junior Mackenzie Guest had a car mishap due to the construction about two weeks ago when leaving a friends apartment. I was visiting a friend in Deerfield and I didnt pay much attention to the traffic signs, Guest said. I was pulling out of Deerfield and my front two front tires fell straight into the drainage ditch. Around 10 construction workers down the road saw Guest drive into the ditch and spent the next half hour getting her car out of the ditch by creating a small dirt ramp, while the workers picked up the front end. St.


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